Life Advice: Accessorise With Cats

We think you should: Accessorise with cats.

Because: Taylor Swift loves them, and that’s a good enough reason for anything.

Here is: A list of our must-have cat inspired fashion items.

Fun fact: We have a cat called Hallie. She’s 12 and is the CUTEST. Keep an eye out for her, she likes to make an occasional appearance on our Snapchat!


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We cat-nut believe this… Leave it to Skinnydip to think of the miuuuum combo of cats AND donuts. Get up close and puurrrrsonal with it here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.26.09 pm


A cat squad. A cat squad?! Pure genius. You just don’t get any more T Swift than that. Check out this UNIF tee here.



We’ve been wearing these jeans not-stop for the last month, and every time we’ve posted them y’all have gone bonkers, so caturally this one’s making our list. You can get your paws on this Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest collab here.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.55.21 pm


We can’t decide if this cat is completely creepy or totally adorable, but either way this Valfre phone case is purfect in our book.Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.32.09 pm


These shades are giving a new meaning to cat eye sunglasses… and we love where they’re going with it. They’re by I Still Love You NYC and exclusive available from our pals at Nasty Gal61217.0.zoom


Okay now we’ve got your cat wardrobe sorted, but why stop there? Tiny paw prints and mini kitty heads are just waiting to adorn your nails thanks to some crazy cat lady working at ASOS.



Here are a few more of our furvourite items for you purrrusing pleasure…



In case this post has left you with feline fever and totally wanting more, here is our all time fave cat video, and one of the first YouTube vids we remember going viral. It never gets old…

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  • Sasha Darn

    Cats are the best… just don’t tell me dog I said that haha.

  • Mills Green

    Cute I love cats too

  • Abigail Schwartz

    Can’t get enough of the Skinnydip Donut purse! too cuuuute


    LOVE this! Thanks so much for including our sunglasses! We totally agree, Tay Tay liking something is defs reason enough for the rest of us! check out our website for more fun prods xx ISLY