Life Advice: Adopt a Dog

We don’t mean to get all serious on you but…

We think you should: Adopt a dog.

Because: Thousands of dogs are put down in shelters everyday, and your new furry friend could just be sitting there waiting to be rescued by you!

Here is: A list of our fave rescued dog accounts on Insta.

Let’s do it: Head to your local shelter, or visit in Australia and in the US.

If you don’t know her already, this our beautiful baby Bo. We’ve included a story about our own journey with a rescue dog at the end of this post. 

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@marniethedog – This dog is like the Taylor Swift of the canine world. 13-year-old Marnie was adopted at the age of 10, and now has 1.8m followers, and counts Selena Gomez and Laverne Cox among her closest gal pals. We’re not joking.

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@slightlysemi – Speaking of dogs who are giving celebs a run for their money… Semi the boxer is seriously nailing that Miley Cyrus face. Apparently Semi’s tongue is so long that her owner is planning to have it measured to see if she has the Guinness Record for World’s Longest Dog Tongue.
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@jethro_tripod_catahoula – Meet Jethro, also known by his nickname ‘Tripod’. We had the pleasure of meeting this precious pup a few days ago, and he is the absolute sweetest. Couldn’t you just stare into those baby blues all day long…

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@hakunama_nala – Nala is part retriever, part pitbull, and part lion. Okay well that last one may be in name only, but she sure does bare a resemblance to the Lion Queen!
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@amazing_greys – Why follow one greyhound, when you can follow a whole bunch of them? We were recently introduced to the amazing work of Amazing Greys, a greyhound rescue group. J desperately wants to rescue a greyhound herself, but until then all the adorable pups on this Instagram page will just have to do.
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@brekwskiandco – Brewski spends his time hanging with friends, dressing up in cute outfits, and hanging out at the beach in sunny California. So basically he’s like all those other Insta accounts you follow…  just a little furrier.
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Here’s our own rescue story…

Bo was abandoned along with her 7 brothers and sisters in a carpark at only a few weeks old. After we lost our two older dogs in late 2011, we decided that if we were going to get a new dog we should save a life. At first when we set out to find a dog in need of a home we were admittedly being a little picky about it – we wanted a male dog, we wanted it to be cute, and we wanted a puppy. At the time the advice people were giving us was that if you rescue a dog when it’s still young then it’s less likely to be traumatised and hence less likely to have behavioural issues. The reality of it is you really can’t plan any of these things…

After going after only the ‘cutest’ dogs, we realised that a lot of other people were looking for the same thing. Any time we’d contact someone about those cute dogs, even if they’d only been posted an hour ago, they’d already been inundated with tons of calls from potential adopters. We thought about it, and wasn’t competing with other people to save a dog just defeating the purpose? We quickly changed our minds on this, and decided to contact any and all puppies that got posted. We found Bo’s litter through a picture of her (below), and after going through a couple of interviews we were offered a boy from the litter. On the day he was due to be collected, we spoke to the woman from the shelter, and she excitedly told us that she had given all the other puppies away to homes, and had saved that one little girl for us. We realised there had been a mix up and as we kept referring to it as ‘Bo’s litter’, she had in her mind that Bo was ours. She asked if we no longer wanted the puppy, but we decided it was meant to be, and of course now there’s no doubt in our minds that was true. 

It turns out the advice we’d been given about getting a dog as a puppy isn’t entirely true. If we would’ve rescued an older dog then we would’ve been able to choose it based on its personality, and rescued a dog that was a perfect fit for us. Bo is extremely clever and so affectionate and sweet, but she hates being left alone, and she doesn’t get along at all with our cat, or most other dogs. We’ve had to work really hard with Bo to get her over her anxieties, and we love her more than anything in the world, but if we rescued another dog we would probably look for an adult to find the perfect fit for our lifestyles. 

Rescuing a dog has been so incredibly rewarding, and we can’t recommend enough that – if you’re looking for a dog – you look into adopting!


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  • Danni Keeper

    Your dog Bo is so gorgeous!

  • Sasha Darn

    Did anyone else notice four of the dogs had their tongues out? So cute!