Life Advice: Go Glamping

We think you should: Go glamping.

Because: Getting back to the outdoors with your pals is cool and all, but so is lying on a comfy bed watching Netflix. Why not do both?!

Here is: Our hit list of number 1 glamping spots from around the globe.

For more glamazing options: Check out, it appears to be the Airbnb of glamping and has cool unique accommodation options worldwide.


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St Jerome’s – The Hotel – Dorothy taught us there’s no place like home… but we’d rather be camping on a rooftop in the middle of Melbourne’s city than in our own homes any day of the week! This insanely unique experience includes having dessert from Australia’s famous Gelato Messina delivered directly to your tent. Glamping AND not having to stand in a 100 person-long queue for Messina? We’re there. They’ll even deliver you a tablet to watch movies on. Check out their website more info.



Muffin Mansion –  Nobody ever said all glamping spots were created equal, and this adorbs retro caravan may just be earning our top spot. Like we weren’t California dreaming all day long already… now we have this colourful beauty complete with muffin drapes to add to the list of reasons we can’t wait to head back to the Golden State. Just think of all the amazing Insta shots you’d get! Take a look at the airbnb listing hereairbnb


Shelter Co
We had to double check that this was indeed a glamping experience and not just the coolest boutique hotel we’d ever seen. These guys started up in San Fran, but have now moved into the rest of the US, with both pop ups and personalised events… yep, you pick a spot and they create an incredible glamp site just for you. If any Americans out there are planning a glamping wedding, we’ll happily bring the Rice Krispie Treats :)


Festival Glamping  We love a good weekend festival – there’s nothing better than seeing your fave bands and chilling out with your mates. But when it comes time to heading back to a muddy tent and having a rough sleep… uhhhh can we take a rain check? Check out the awesome glamping options at Van Fest in Australia, and T in the Park in Scotland – S has experienced the glamp life at T in the Park and can’t recommend this highly enough!


Camp Katur – If things hadn’t worked out between I Dream of Jeannie and Major Nelson, we’re pretty sure this is where she would’ve chosen to spend her days. A magical Uni Dome placed in the middle of a forrest in Northern UK is totally our idea of becoming one with nature. In case falling asleep under the stars ain’t your thang, these guys offer a number of different just-as-glam options – you can check them all out here.



Airstream at The Atlantic – Not like any of us need an extra excuse to travel to Byron Bay, but just in case, here is where we will most definitely be staying on our next trip to the land of Sushi Trains and Bay Kebabs (unofficial title – but Byron has some of our fave food spots in all of Aus). This is perhaps the most glammed up camping experience we’ve been able to find, and the only one where you’ll be snuggled up in bed at night watching cable TV, exhausted after the difficult decision you had to make between shopping and lying by the pool.Atltantic Byron


Happy glamping!
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    wow, Camp Katur looks outta this world.

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • Melissa Melottey

    Omg!!! This is amazing!!! I’m definitely looking into doing this! Great post <3

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    Girls this is amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

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    Cool! Never thought about that 😀

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  • Victor Baker

    How to Go Glamping? A lot of people like certain parts of camping – the great views and the opportunities to explore new parts of the world are unbeatable. Farms and barnhouses are another growing trend in the glamping industry. I’m happy that you shared this helpful information with us.