Life Advice: Put Fries Before Guys

We think you should: Put fries before guys.

Because: Sharing them with your friends is way less complicated.

Here is: A list of the best french fries we’ve ever tasted.

Fun fact: Fries actually originate in Belgium, not France!




Okay full disclosure here… when we say we miss being in LA, we’re 50% referring to the city, and 50% referring to our die hard love for In-N-Out. The decision between cheesey and animal style is the hardest one you’ll ever make (check out details of their secret menu in our post on LA’s food).IMG_0162


Pause for gasps……. If you haven’t seen it already, here is our insane french fry sundae. Inspired by the a post we once saw on The Hannashians’ Instagram (the junk queens of Aus), you can walk into a McDonald’s and DIY this one yourself in 2 minutes. IMG_1347


Meet the tornado potato, aka deep fried heaven on a stick. Originating from Korea, these are often found at food markets and kind of taste like if a french fry and a potato cake had a baby. Ours came smothered in chicken salt, and we recommend that yours does too. IMG_6337


When we’re in Sydney there’s little that can persuade us to leave the Bondi bubble, but we’ll cross the bridge any day for Chica Bonita in Manly’s nacho fries. Here’s how it works: they remove the corn chips, they replace with fries. Boom.
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.43.45 am


We like to imagine the guys at Ribs & Schnitzel Co. stood around wondering whether they should cover their fries in melted cheese or cheese sauce, when someone piped up with: ‘porque no los dos?’



Like we needed any convincing to go try these Mexican pulled chicken fries from YOMG, there’s the option of adding a chocolate pretzel shake on the side. We’re almost embarrassed that this combo exists in our hometown and we’ve never been, but this one is next on our hit list for sure…



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  • megsiobhan

    A French fry sundae? Oh my giddy aunt that looks amazing. This is my kind of post, purely because my love for potatoes (and cheese) is through the roof.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • Mills Green

    Yum! Need those nacho fries NOW

  • Sasha Darn

    Love this post gals!

  • Danni Keeper

    Nail art in the In N Out pic is on point <3

  • http://WWW.VIVIYUNN.COM Vivian Yuen

    I am SO hungry!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • Abigail Schwartz

    This is amazing! Love all your posts!

  • anna

    i must try the maccas one this summer!!! i love to get a soft serve to dip my fries in but this sounds even better ahhh
    anna //