Life Advice: Fill Your Belly With Rainbows

We think you should: Fill your belly with rainbows.

Because: Being superficial is completely socially unacceptable, but choosing a dessert based on its pretty factor gets the all clear.

Here is: A list of our must-try rainbow desserts.

Expert tip: Wash your rainbow dessert down with a green juice so you can use #cleaneating AND #dirtydessert to cover both markets.




Rainbow Paddle Pop – Back to where a love of rainbow desserts began for most Australians. Fun fact – these are actually caramel flavoured. We’ll pause for a moment while your childhood dreams of knowing what rainbows tastes like are crushed.


Kit Kat M&M Cake – We have the pleasure of being proud one-time eaters of this cake, and can we just say that whoever the hell invented this internet sensation deserves a medal. Not one of those flimsy plastic participation medals, we’re talking like the solid gold nugget Serena Williams had hanging from her neck at the Olympics. Get the recipe for this bad boy here – minimal kitchen skills required.


Rainbow bagel – Apparently there are people walking around NYC right now eating rainbow bagels, while the rest of us just exist here in regular bagel society. We feel so naive. Just so we’re all on the same page here, that is funfetti cream cheese inside. More rainbow bagel porn awaits you on The Bagel Store’s Instagram.

Pinata Cookies – Okay now we’ve literally seen everything. We’re not entirely sure how delicious these cookies would be but the m&ms inside are a game changer. Get some Nutella involved here and you’re good to go. Recipe is over here.
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.55.16 pm


Sprinkle Ice-Cream Sandwich – Ahhh the humble ice-cream sandwich. Said no one ever. These things were made to be OTT, so it only makes sense to take them nek level by coating them in sprinkles.


Crazy Lollipop Cake – If any of us were to die and come back as a cake, we should be so lucky as to be served up on a plate by Katherine Sabbath. Yes those are giant lollipops bursting out the top. Peek inside her colourful brain on Instagramv43


Rainbow Bark – When all else fails, just chuck every colourful thing you ever met into a bowl and give it a fancy name. Instructions are right here.
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.10.50 pm

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