A Day Downtown

Spent the day Downtown (or CBD for the Aussie folk) yesterday meeting up with some of our fave fashion peeps. We headed to The Out Crowd to pick up some Alice McCall pieces for an upcoming shoot, followed by an Aus Fashion Labels visit  to get a squiz at their latest collections, and then onto a meeting with the brains behind rocking shoe label Intentionally Blank (also known as our friend Ty) so he could feed us some of his shoe wisdom. He took us to a cafe called The Bronzed Aussie which (figures), we highly recommend if you’re craving a lamington.

Caught S in the middle of an ‘oooooo pretty’photo 1 (62)

Best thing about being in summer is the lack of clothes. Feels like our skin hasn’t seen the sun in years!photo333Love The Out Crowds business card! Such a cute idea. photo688

Took a break from the fashuuun to meet our cousin for lunch at Grand Central Market. Yesssss. That is all.photo 4 (32)

Getting shown the gorgeous upcoming collections from Cameo, The Fifth and Finders Keepers. Froth.

Snagged this pic from the AFL Insta. We’re happier to be there than we look… we promise!Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.44.51 pm


Okay, now things are just getting silly… think it’s time for a lamington.

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