Besties Feature: Amy and Emma Sheppard

We would’ve liked to introduce you to the fab and super successful sister force behind Aussie band Sheppard, but if you have a taste for great tunes and adorable fashion (course you do) then we’re pretty sure you’re already big fans of Emma and Amy Sheppard. But do you know what their dream pizza would look like, or what really inspires them? You’re about to find out…



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What crazy toppings would be on your ultimate dream pizza?

E: Well I’m obsessed with Asian food, so maybe a dumpling pizza or Vietnamese pizza with fish sauce and sugar cane prawns. Haha I know I’m weird!!

A: Well when I go to an Italian restaurant, I can never decide between pasta or pizza. I have a dream: a pasta pizza. Who wouldn’t love a bit of carbonara on their pizza? The pasta can be bound to the pizza with cheese.

Which female do you think would make a great Prime Minister?

E: I think Carrie Bickmore would do a bloody great job and she has awesome style. What more could you want?

A: I think Emma Watson could one day make a pretty influential Prime Minister in the UK!




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What’s your fave Insta account to follow?

E: @pumpernickel_the_minipig is a favourite at the moment. I love watching this little pig run around and munch on things and I’m not sure why.

A: I could look at @passengershaming all day. We fly a lot so I get a kick out of rude passengers being caught out. Let’s hope we never end up on this!

If you could have any animal in your backyard, what would it be?

E: All I want in my life is a teacup pig, they’re just so cute and I can’t stop looking at Insta Vids of them!

A: I know this is more than one animal but I would love an aquarium. It could be a feature wall which I could also swim in. Win win.

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Link us to something that inspires you.

E: The organisation Livin wants to help those suffering from bipolar disorder to realise this and help them to manage their bipolar to ensure they can live and lead a wonderful and fulfilling life.

A: This is a link to a magazine with hundreds of inspiring articles –


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If you don’t already follow the girls on Insta we suggest you add Amy and Emma to your stalk list ASAP.

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