BTS Silliness for Pippa Lynn

We had a fun day shooting with our gal Liane Hurvitz to welcome UK based brand Pippa Lynn to the wonderful world of Aus. There are lots of crazy photos to come but we thought we’d give you a little behind the scenes action first.  For a full insight into just how silly things got we suggest you follow us on snapchat IMMEDIATELY* – howtwolive. J&Sxx

*Mean Girls reference, duh.

We went veeery OTT on the jewels today. Think stacked chokers and layers of arm 2

We featured some delish Aussie delicacies in the shoot – Bubble O Bill, Vegemite, Timtams, Yogos and meat pies. These things will change your life

S was so eager to eat her Bubble O’ Bill she couldn’t help but take a bite before the photo. photo 1

And obviously went straight for the gum nose once we’d finished shooting with them… uhhh they didn’t taste quite as good as she remembered.

Purple glitter eyes was so pretty but slightly painful. Don’t try this at home kids… but do, because it looked freaking awesome!photo 4

Not sure if what happened here was completely hilarious or if it was just 5 o’clock and we were hitting delirium. photo 3




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