Crazy Oafs

We touched down in London town and headed straight for the Lazy Oaf office (literally) to play dress ups in their showroom. Their new collection is filled with fun pastel colours, slogan tees and crazy prints.. like we expected anything less! Lots of pics to come but here’s a sneaky peeky of our visit. J&Sxx

What a welcome rug! Anyone know where we can get one for HTL HQ?IMG_1250

Admiring all the kooky accessories. Completely obsessed with that pink fluffy phone!IMG_1252

In here for 5 minutes and straight into this cloudy number.IMG_1246

We’re ordinarily not hat people but this fluffy bucket feels like a kitty sitting on your head.IMG_1235

These broaches definitely have HTL unicorn of approval – like a tick of approval, only more fun.IMG_1254

Chatting to Emily from LF about all things Lazy… and Oafy.IMG_1256

Couldn’t possibly wrap a shoot without a silly selfie with our photographer.IMG_1255

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