Don’t Make Me Eat Vegemite!

Our last week in LA has was the most jam-packed one ever as we prepared to lead up to our book release and shoe launch. Luckily for us, we had an ah-maaaazing team of LA gals working with us and keeping us semi-sane as we sorted out our crazy schedule. We couldn’t think of any better way to initiate them into the Aussie club than to force feed them some Vegemite directly from down under! Okay not really, they volunteered to do it but the looks on their faces told us they weren’t too happy about it! It’s no Hugh Jackman on Jimmy Fallon, but it was a pretty entertaining way to end our hectic day! For some more hilarious Vegemite action, check out our youtube channel where we uploaded a whole bunch of how-to vids for your viewing pleasure! J&Sxx

Mmmmmm loads and loads of the delicious stuff for our American friends


Oh the dread, oh the horror! Muahahahaha


Lexi, Taryn and Carin’s first bites – priceless!


Oh wait J&S, that was actually pretty good…..Told ya! 


For more hilarity, here’s the whole reaction!

Now get this werk werk werk werk werk


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