Putting Our Best #FaceForward

We were recently invited by the Zoe Report to a super fun get together hosted by Hannah Bronfman – DJ, Beauty Queen, Fitness Guru and face of Clinique’s #faceforward campaign. The panel was at E.P. & L.P. in WeHo, where we got to hang out with a rad group of 6 other beauty and fashion bloggers to chat about life, swap some silly stories and talk about the Clinique 3-step program. HTL and Clinique go waaaaay back…coincidentally it was our very first skin care regimen when we were teens! So cheers Clinique for keeping our skin clean all these years! <3 Stay tuned for the full video coming SOON on The Zoe Report! J&Sxx

Loved spending the afternoon hanging out with these awesome chicks.


Inside secret: J used to steal S’s cleanser when she was 8 and rub it all over her face.


How Two Live in front of Where Love Lives… good right? 😉

IMG_0555 E.P. & L.P. is one of our fave new spots in LA. We recommend their bubble cocktails.

Striking sassy poses with the fab Marta Pozzan, Poppy Jaime, Lynette Cenée, Brandi Cyrus, Hannah Bronfman and Eman!






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