What A really freaking awesome collection of bags (if we do say so ourselves)

Shop The collection now at ASOS and The Iconic

So a few months ago we started chatting to Aussie bag label From St Xavier about teaming up to design a collection of bags together.  Six months, a whole lotta pinterest boarding, a little sequins, some fairy dust… and voila, we give you our super fun awesome magical sparkly bag collab! We headed to Sydney to shoot the campaign with our all time fave photographer Gav Maynard who you guys may remember from our first birthday shoot circa July 2013, or our Windsor Smith Collab shoot circa September 2013. Check out the pics below.

HTL x FSX 1 (1)

HTL x FSX 3 (1)

HTL x FSX 6 (1)

HTL x FSX 8 (1)

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  • Mills Green

    Yass slay! I bought one of the bags from the iconic <3<3

  • Sasha Darn

    Love the this is living