LFW Day Numero Uno

London Fashion Week started today and we are soooooo ready! After breakfast in bed and a little pre-LFW dance party in our hotel room, we hit the streets in style completely decked out in the fabulous creations by up and coming UK designer Holly Jayne Smith. Our looks were from her cool Cross-Pollination collection and we couldn’t get enough of the pink billowy fabrics. The Zandra Rhodes showing was first, and the preview was in this spectacular gold room with pink flower petals everyyyyywhere! It was like Marie Antoinette mixed with Hello Kitty Barbie. All the models were grouped together by themes and the entire vibe was totally fun, really pink and colourful. On the way to our next show at Bora Aksu, we kinda got trapped in some rain, but our trusty strawberry umbrellas got us there, and we ended up doing a little rain dance. The show was really great and totally girly, and we loved most of the looks even if the music was a little….interesting. Then we headed to a cute cafe we found last time we were in town called Fernandez and Wells. We ended the afternoon by visiting our fave Skinnydip in preparation for our book launch there tomorrow. xxJ&S

Every day should start off with awesome music dance parties!

Check out our awesome puffy pink markshmallow pillow outfits!

IMG_4074 (1)

Oooooohhhh aaaaaahhhhh! Can we be pretty pink butterfly princesses now?

IMG_4007 (1)

Yaaaaaas Zandra Rhodes! Any excuse we have to stick sparkly stickers on our faces and pretend to be vacation barbies we are all in!IMG_4015 (1)

Who would say no to this strawberry umbrella? Tackling the rain in style!

IMG_4071 2 (1)

You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-ella, eh eh eh eh <3

Working it at the Bora Aksu show. Strut, girl strut.

IMG_4065 (1)

These looks were so pretty. Can we just have them all? k thanks bai

If HTL were emojis…..(Apple take notes 😛 ) We also just realized EVERYTHING about today was pinky pink!

  IMG_4086 (1)

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