London Calling

After 24 hours of travelling, a hectic stop over in Dubai, and a few accommodation disasters (whew!), we finally touched down in London town. Stepping out of the plane in here, we were greeted with the warmest welcome by rainclouds and doomsday weather. I mean what did we expect, sunshine and rainbows? We wish! To cheer ourselves up we dipped into Tiger UK and bought the most adorable strawberry umbrellas, and now we’re totally ready to take on this weather! On our first night out, pre-LFW madness we took to the streets of London for the opening part-ay at Kit and Ace on Redchurch St. The event was so much fun, with a cool DJ and obvi some amazeballs clothes and fabrics. We went around touching and checking out all the items and can’t wait to go shopping crazy buying clothes for our boyfriends (and maybe ourselves too 😉 )! We are going to bed tonight suuuper stoked for tomorrow’s LFW. xxJ&S

Time to get our pa-pa-pa-pa-party on!

IMG_3985 (1)Selfies with the raddest chick ever, Invader Girl 

IMG_1509 (1)

Down to make some Frends tonight? Jammin’ it up with the DJ at the party

IMG_1508 (1)

OMG so many peeps! 

So many stylish Londoners ready for Fashion Week!

IMG_1499 (1)

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