Mambo x Anya Brock

Who: Mambo.

What: Their latest collab with Anya Brock.

Get: Your hands on this amazing mix of swim and active wear at Myer Miss Shop around Australia now.

BRB, summer’s here and if you need us for the next 2 months we’ll probably be lying on a beach somewhere. Oh but don’t worry we’ll be easy to spot, as we plan to be rocking out in brights, patterns and prints that could only be the handiwork of one of our fave Aussie artists, Anya Brock. We’ve been so pumped that Anya teamed up with one of our childhood faves, Mambo, as there aren’t many things that excite us quite like art being turned into fashion! Mambo has totally stolen our hearts this year, as earlier in 2015 they collaborated with a fave designer of ours, Emma Mulholland (which debuted at NYFW). We can’t wait to see what they pull out next!

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Photos by Lucy Deitz

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