Night With Nasty

Had so much fun at Nasty Gal in Santa Monica last night. We were there for the Glossier pop up launch party, and to check out all the amazing clothes of course. Fell in love with a couple of clutches that we’ll be heading back for over the weekend. Also had the chance to meet Miss Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, herself. Pretty Major! J&Sxx

We now have this clutch  in three colours… not sure is that’s embarrassing or impressive?photo 3 (39)

I whip my coat back and forth I whip my coat back and forth. photo 2 (52)

Got way too much enjoyment out of photo bombing peoples pics all night with this doodad.

Found a phone case that’s even bigger and heavier than ours… now we need it to be ours!bear

We looooove these shoes by our peeps at Intentionally Blank! They mean buidness. Shoe buidness that is.


Smiling like the fan girls that we truly are (blushing emoji).photo 1 (54)


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