Pippa Lynn in Aus

G’day mates! UK label Pippa Lynn are coming down under so we decided to invite the kangas over, throw some shrimps on the barby and have ourselves a good old fashioned fiesta… oh wait, that’s Mexican… maybe we should start over. All you really need to know is these guys are awesome and share our love of prints, colours and all things SPARKLY! J&Sxx

We put on a pretty good spread for PL’s welcoming party that included all our fave Aussie treats.image2 htlxpippa copyMeet Bubble-O-Bill, he’s a chocolate, strawberry and caramel  ice cream with a gum ball nose. HE HAS A GUM BALL INSTEAD OF A NOSE! Magical, right?!image3 gum balls compressed

Fun fact: S (and most Australians) loves meat pies. Is it true? Mmmhhhhm I do I do I do I do-ooooimage1 pies compressed

How fun are our ausmojis?! And yes to all you non-Australian folk, vegemite is damn delicious!image4 vegemite compressed

If you haven’t tried timtams you literally haven’t lived! Even Kim Kardashian thinks so 😉image5 timtams compressed

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