Nails With Jena

While we’re in LA we thought a fun way to meet people would be to offer to do their nails! We have a bunch of girls lined up to go hang and let loose on the nail art with, and first up on our list was the beautiful (which may be an understatement) Jena Frumes.

On our way to Jena’s place in The Valley… we hear it might actually be *nice* weather there today. Shock, horror, gasp! Go away June Gloom.

Picked up this jacket at Shag just before we left Melbourne. Such a good find.IMG_0062

Time to get our nail art on. Jena has chosen to go the junk food route… we like her style.
photo 3 (1)

Nail arting with SVU on in the background. We could get used to this.

Meanwhile, in S world: selfies and Snapchat. If you don’t follow us already then go add ‘howtwolive’.
photo 2 (1)

Check out these mini masterpieces! IMG_0030

Jena is excited she gets to stare at donuts and burgers all day. J is excited she managed to do a pretty epic job in under an hour. S is excited that it’s lunchtime.IMG_0020

Jena posted this pick to Instagram and racked up a lazy 9500 likes. Check her page out @jenafrumes. How insane are her eyes!Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.22.40 pm

Nails still intact post session, but uhhh J were you using your palm as a palette?IMG_0050


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