Spark Change

Who: Holden.

What: The latest addition to their family – the Spark.

Check out: Their awesome pop-up at Westfield Chatswood until May 22. If you don’t trust us, then trust Messina – they’ll be serving up a limited edition Holden Spark flavour at the pop-up all day erry day.

Holden have created an awesome new car just for us millennials, and to celebrate we took to Snapchat to find out what you guys consider to be Melb’s most iconic landmarks. We weren’t surprised when the responses we got were less giant buildings and more local hang outs. We got some epic suggestions and headed out in our silver Spark to hit up the top four; Proud Mary for a latte, Messina for some gelato, Rose Street Artist Market for a spot of shopping, and an artsy lane off Duke Street to soak up some culture. Shout out to our awesome photographer Bryan Ong.

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  • Sasha Darn

    Woooooow that last sparkler photo is AMAZING!

  • Mills Green

    I want to go to all these places

  • Danni Keeper

    I was at the Chatswood pop up the other day :)

  • Abigail Schwartz

    These pics are awesome! Never heard of the photographer before, but he’s very talented! :)