Spilling All Our Hair Secrets

We were asked to try Aussie Hair’s new 3 Minute Miracle Nourish Conditioner – cut to us throwing out all previous hair treatments.

Find your bezzie in a bottle at Boots.com from £3.99

So we recently arrived back from our Fashion Week world tour and after 5 time zone jumps and 12 days of rushing around our hair was in serious need of some TLC. By now you’ve probably noticed that it’s our mission in life to have long, beautifully conditioned hair that keeps up with us while we get up to no good on our travels – styling last minute outfit changes and throwing it up for late night cookie dough runs. And like pretty much everything else in our lives, we go through the hair struggle together (ie. horrendous dye jobs and hair extension disasters). That’s why we do a happy dance when we find an awesome hair product, and this one’s so good it’s got us shaking our booties to full blast Beyonce. Just like we have each other’s backs, Aussie has ours. So go on, find your unstoppable bezzie in a bottle.


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  • Danni Keeper

    Cute video!