Splash House Baby

On day 2 of our Palm Springs vacay we headed to Splash House aka the coolest festival ever – 3 pool parties in one day. We didn’t get the pool toy memo but luckily we made some splashy friends who were happy to share them around. We hotel hopped from the Hilton to the Saguaro, and then ended the festivities at the Hacienda Beach Club with some tacos. It’s time to head back to LA but we will definitely be back, Palm Springs just agrees with us.

Don’t let the empty pool space fool you, by the time we left it was like squishy sardines in there. photo 1 (59)

Ooooo flouro pink wrist bands.. we like your style Splash House!IMG_0263

We know we look like we’re relaxing in a donut and flamingo, but it took two strangers and several shots to get a good pic.IMG_0343

40 degrees and blue skies… this is our kind of party!


Swimming pool selfies. Wearing Nu Swimwear (blue) and We Are Submarine (white).photo 2 (56)

We decided to match our nail art to hand tattoos for the occasion. Coolest thing ever!IMG_0259

Close up of our Tattify tattoos – Mario is definitely our favourite!photo 3 (43)

It saddens us to be leaving this place, but it happies us to know we’ll  be coming back!palm springs


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