Success! We Survived LFW Day 1

Our first day of London Fashion week had us like 😀 , but the day was far from being over. After our stop by Skinnydip to get ready for our #HowTwoLive book launch tomorrow, we went back to our Hotel for a quick costume change before heading out for the rest of the night. We were wearing clothes by the UK-based designer Shireeka Devlin who we fell in love with on Insta a while back. Her website refers to her as a rainbow coloured fish princess… match made in heaven or what?! We stopped by our last show of the evening over at Le Kilt at this rad little bar, where the models were all swaying and dancing on the main stage. The entire vibe of the place was really chill and low-key rock n’ roll like a new age fashion show, compared to the upbeat and poplicious energy of the earlier shows we went to. Our bellies were grumbling so we headed to Wasabi for a quick little bite to eat and then on to the Hunger X Rankin party for a bit of a boogie. xxJ&S

Getting ready is always a team effort – J buttoning S shirt, S taking a nap…

IMG_1570 (1)

No pain no gain! LFW day one battle scars

IMG_1571 (1)

Chill vibes at Le Kilt…..will we ever look this cool IRL?

IMG_4119 (1)

Yummy yummy food at Wasabi. Get in my belly!

IMG_1572 (1)

Underwater rainbow fish princess vibes from Shireeka Devlin. Nailed IT!

 IMG_4125 (1)

I wanna dance, wanna dance, wanna dance dance dance with you!

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