Top Secret Secrets

We went into Nasty Gal HQ yesterday to discuss some super top secret secrets that will never ever be revealed… until later this month! They have such fun offices so it’s always great to go in and visit.. our fave part is their fancy name tag situation, complete with silly selfies. J&Sxx

Picked these pants up at Zara in Santa Monica the other day. It came in a twosie which will be making it’s debut 5 (13)

Here are the fancy name tags we mentioned. Silly selfies are on point.nastyyyyyyyy

Pretending to be mannequins on the nasty Gal 1 (55)

Bringing it back to our roots. Gotta love the awkward 2 (53)

Peace out Nasty, it’s been 4 (28)

Having a post meeting styling sesh – Cher Horowitz style circa 3 (40)

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