TWOOBS Bestie Feature: Belle and Sophie

Meet Sophie and Belle, the BESTIES who inspired the Sophie // Belle TWOOBS. Like most of our besties their meeting is something out of a movie, after a girl crush on Instagram led Sophie to send Belle an email, and they became instant gal pals. If Instagram ever wants to buy the rights to put this one of the big screen, the girls know Lucy Liu and Zooey Deschanel would be teaming up to act out their 21st century friendship! You better believe that movie would include lots of laughter, endless nights talking, and a killer soundtrack by Katy Perry! J&Sxx


What inspires you?

Belle: The things that inspire me are things you can’t find on the internet! Art, fashion, friends, music, nature. The best things in life aren’t restricted to a .com!

Sophie: I can’t restrict what inspires me to something on the internet, I’m inspired by being outside in nature, admiring galleries, looking around at architecture (new and old) and fashions on the street. 

Which house would you belong to if you went to Hogwarts?

Belle: 100% Slytherin.

Sophie: Ravenclaw or Slytherin – my personality goes between the two. 


What’s the best present your bestie has ever given you?

Belle: She introduced me to Lindt chocolate with popcorn through it. So evil, but so good. But the best present she’s every given me is her unconditional love and support, especially through the hard times.

Sophie: Honestly just having a friend like Belle who is 100% Team Sophie. She gives the most amazing advice and encourages me to always stand up for myself… Also she did get me a pretty dope Poppy Lissiman keychain for my birthday last year. 



What crazy toppings would be on your ultimate dream pizza?

Belle:  I’m actually not that crazy with pizza, I just like sauce, cheese and fresh basil. But if we’re talking dream pizza, then you gotta fly me to Naples. The birthplace of pizza and the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. A whole pizza for 2 euros!

Sophie: I’ll be on the plane with Belle to Italy, thank you. 

What cover is on your phone right now?

Belle: Polka dots.

Sophie: I totally have Polka dots too! 


Sophie :: Belle

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