TWOOBS Besties Feature: Amanda and Mavis

Meet Amanda and Mavis, the BESTIES who inspired the Amanda // Mavis TWOOBS. These two met in their dorms the freshman year of college, and have been inseparable ever since – totally like a movie, right? Like all good besties they share many mutual obsessions, including ice cream, Snapchat, Niki Minaj, and all things Disney. If you wanna hang with these gals you better get your dancing shoes on (TWOOBS, obv), as they know how to party… one time they danced for 24 hours straight to raise money for their local children’s hospital. These are our kinda besties!  J&Sxx

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What’s the best present your bestie has ever given you?

Amanda: When Mavis threw me a surprise 21st birthday party. I had absolutely no idea and it blows my mind to this day how she coordinated the entire extravaganza. That was the best night/moment/thing anyone ever did for me ever. No material gift could top that!

Mavis: If we are going to be deep, her constant belief in me. I say I want to dye my hair a weird color, she asks how she can help. If we aren’t being deep, she just bought me light up sneakers that I have been dreaming about for the past 3 years. Also, she rented out a bus to drive my friends and I to get burgers and shakes because she knew I wasn’t looking forward to my 22nd birthday. That was pretty cool of her.

Which Disney Princess would you want to be?

Amanda: Ariel because hair goals. Mavis is that why I like you? Because your hair is so fascinating? Who knows.

Mavis: Pocahontas. I wanted to paint with all the colors of the wind. Discovered I’m not too good at painting so I dyed my hair. Yeah Amanda that is probably why.

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If you had a Million dollars to give away, what organisation would you give it to?

Amanda: Both of us are all for helping a sister out when she needs it. I would love it if in the future we could pull some strings and send girls to school through She’s the First. We both were super involved in Her Campus and they were huge supporters of this organization.

Mavis: We both really grew as people through Her Campus which is an online magazine so we would probably want to work with them as well as our own favorite charities. St. Judes and Ronald McDonald House for my part.


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If you could create any ice cream flavour what would it be?

Amanda: Mint chocolate chip cookie dough because it would literally be our favorite flavors swirled into one amazing child flavor. We’d probably be the sole buyers.

Mavis: Basically Amanda loves cookie dough and I love mint chocolate chip. It would certainly be an interesting flavor

What’s your fave Insta account to follow?

Amanda: We both follow and absolutely obsess over @weworewhat @shopjeen and @myflashtrash. Aesthetics on point.

Mavis: and @kyliejenner @subtledildo, we basically follow the same accounts but still insist on tagging each other in every picture.



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