TWOOBS Besties Feature: Carina and Niki

Meet Niki and Carina, the sassy BESTIES who inspired the Niki // Carina TWOOBS style – and given that Carina works with HTL & TWOOBS, this one was an obvious choice! After meeting in college and getting off on the wrong foot, these two American beauties quickly realised they were kinda the exact same person, and went from frenemies to friends for life. From dancing all night in Cancun to sitting around eating leftover pizza, these two have done it all together, and living in separate cities has only made their friendship stronger. J&Sxx

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If you were invisible for the day whose wardrobe would you sneak into?

Carina: Heidi Petite’s closet. That girl is #fire, and her style is so kooky/cute/colorful!

Niki: Carina’s, duh! No, wait, I don’t need to be invisible to do that :)

If you could create any ice cream flavour what would it be?

Carina: Coconut, chocolate, fudge, caramel – basically a girl scout cookie Samoa in Ice Cream form!

Niki: Chocolate chip Syrah wine ice cream!


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Which female do you think would make a great president?

Carina: Honestly probably Zendaya. That girl has the wise judgement and poise of someone way beyond her years. She makes it her personal goal to take on issues that concern young girls today and actually tries to use her celebrity power and influence to make the world a better place.

Niki: Elizabeth Warren. She is such a badass and has been a successful woman in politics here in America.

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Which famous duo would you dress up as for Halloween?

Carina: Umm probs Samantha and Miranda from Sex and the City. Our personalities are so similar. I’d be Samantha because I basically do whatever I want, and Niki would be Miranda because she’s the down to earth and career-driven one.

Niki: Patrick and Sponge Bob lol. The bestest of friends under the sea!

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If you could be lying on a beach anywhere in the world where would you be?

Carina: Take us to Bali or somewhere on a beach in Sri Lanka. I’ve never really been to Southeast Asia, and it’s definitely on our bucket list to travel there.

Niki: We’re definitely planning to hit all continents before we turn 30.

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  • Abigail Schwartz

    So awesome you guys are doing this! These two look like they have a lot of fun together :)