TWOOBS Besties Feature: Gemma and Rylie

Meet Gemma and Rylie, the BESTIES who inspired the Gemma // Rylie TWOOBS. These two met playing sport in grade 5 and have been pretty much inseparable ever since… and they kinda remind us of the real life Zendaya and Bella Thorne. A mutual obsession with coffee, singer Halsey, and the colour pink keeps their bond strong, and as soon as they’re old enough to get their licenses you’ll find them cruising around town in a Beetle convertible (that they’ve already named Chloe, obvs). J&Sxx


Which female do you think would make a great Prime Minister? 

Gemma: Halsey, the world needs a fresh take on politics and she would do just that!

Rylie: Of course Meg Mac, she’s so chilled and talented that she would be an awesome leader of individuality.

Which house would you belong to if you went to Hogwarts? 

Gemma and Rylie: We both looked at each other instantaneously, smiled and said “Hufflepuff”!


If you could have any animal in your backyard, what would it be?

Gemma: Flamingoes! We would love that! 

Rylie: Yep, I agree. Flamingoes all the way.


If you turned your bestie duo into a trio, which celebrity would be your 3rd? 

Rylie: Olivia Palermo! She’s a Fashion icon and socialite living the dream in New York City.

Gemma: Yeah definitely Olivia Palermo or Halsey (can you tell we are obsessed).

What crazy toppings would be on your ultimate dream pizza? 

Rylie: Something with edible glitter and marshmallows.

Gemma: All of the above with extra pink.


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