How Two: Emoji Jack-o’Lanterns

Costumes, candy and spooky cartoon specials… yep we’re calling it, Halloween is our favourite festive holiday (sorry Santa). Jack-o’lanterns are like so 1999 so we decided to give ours a little millennial makeover and turn them into emojis. That’s right, we invented Jack-0’Mojis!

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You Will Need:

  • A pumpkin
  • A large knife or carving tools
  • An ice-cream scooper or big spoon
  • Yellow, white, black and red paint
  • Paint brushes

Step 1: Start by painting your pumpkin – you’ll need a few layers to get him emoji yellow.

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Step 2: Cut a large whole at the top on your pumpkin and don’t forget to keep the top to make the lid. If you’re a jacko newbie then check out this vid for some tips.

Step 2: Time to scoop out those guts! We found using an ice-cream scooper was easiest – try going around the inside of the pumpkin rather than top to bottom.

IMGP1086 copy

Step 3: Once you’ve decided which emoji you’re going to be making, pencil the face in as a guide, and then paint the features that you aren’t going to cut out.


Step 4: Carefully use a knife to cut out the mouth. The smaller the knife the easier it will be for you to manoeuvre it.

IMGP1099 2

Tip: We made our emoji blush by sponging pink paint onto her cheeks.IMGP1103 copy

How cute and happy is our Jack-O-Moji!?IMGP1104 edit

Uh oh! Things are about to get silly… think these Jack-o’Mojis have gone to our heads.

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  • http://WWW.VIVIYUNN.COM Vivian Yuen

    These are so cute!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • Danni Keeper

    These are so cute! Sad I didn’t see them in time for Halloween!!