How Two: Become A Meme Queen

Forget Scream Queens – this week on HTL it’s all about being a Meme Queen. Full disclosure here, we may have pronounced the word meme as if it were our French grandmother’s name ‘meh-meh’ for way longer than we’d like to admit. Cut to years later and we now like to think we’ve achieved royalty status. We’re not talking about those regular memes of famous people with weird sayings that no one really understands, but the fun friend kind you make using silly pics that are for your squad’s eyes only. Stick with us and you’ll be Queen of the Meme in no time.

Why We Love It: Because regular memes are funny when The Fat Jewish posts them, but these friend memes are nek level.

Expert Tip: When all else fails, quote a favourite TV show or movie, which in our case is The Simpsons (see Step 2).



Step 1: First you’ll need to find a hilarious/silly/random/embarrassing photo of you and your friends… who are you kidding you definitely have a million saved already.



Step 2: Next you’ll need to come up with a caption. We like to keep it short and sweet, and include a personal joke if relevant.



Step 3: It’s meme time baby. Head to a meme generator to upload your pic and caption, and you’ll be good to get sending. Our top pick is



Take it to the next level: By turning your silly meme into an even sillier GIF, because why naht?wOqqeX

We Love: Turning photos of our animals into memes too!


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  • Sasha Darn

    Omg your dogs are so cute!

  • Danni Keeper

    Haha love this.

  • Emily Atkinson

    hahaha these are so hilarious guys! gotta try it out sometime

  • Melissa Paabøl Christensen

    the fuck is that