How Two: Mickey Mouse Ears

November 18 is coming up and you know what that means… well you might not actually, but we’ll tell you – it’s Mickey Mouse’s 87th birthday! To celebrate we decided to make these super gigantic Mickey ears that are probably around 87 times larger than the ears on Mickey’s head because everything’s better in BIG. Watch and learn friends…


You Will Need:

  • A plain head band
  • 2 x 80cm Florist wire
  • Scissors
  • Black fabric (we used ponti)
  • A hot glue gun
  • A marker



Step 1: Bend the wire into round ear-like shapes, and then attach them onto your head band by wrapping the end of the wires around the head band a couple of times.



Step 2: Trace an ear onto the black fabric with your marker and then cut it out. Use the wire as a size/shape guide, but add an extra 4cm to the outside so you have room to wrap the fabric around the wire.

IMGP1194 copy


Step 3: Next, fold the excess material over the wire tightly and glue it down with the hot glue gun. To minimise bulging, cut slits in the fabric as you work your way around the ear.


Step 4: Hope you enjoyed that cause now you need to go back and do it all over again for the second ear!



Step 5: Don’t stress if (like ours below) the back of your ears are looking a little messy. Cut two extra ears out of the black fabric and glue them down to the back to conceal the folds.

IMGP1197 copy


Step 6: Cut a long strip of fabric and wrap it around the headband to cover it, glueing as you go.


The ears were purrrrfect for this epic photo shoot we did for the new PANDORA collab with Disney.



You can check out more pics from the shoot here.IMG_1372

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  • Danni Keeper

    Happy birthday Mickey!