How Two: Pimp Your Keep Cup

Get the feeling your mornings are a little too…ordinary? Well that word doesn’t really exist in our vocabulary, so we wanted to show you how we spice up our daily coffee routine. Because who doesn’t want an extra shot of rainbow in their morning latte?

Why We Love It: Sometimes you just gotta add some flavor to your morning!

Expert Tip: Use a Glue Gun to save you LOADS of time instead of sewing



You Will Need:

  • Some funky Faux Fur (the more colourful, the better!)
  • Your very own Keep Cup
  • Hot Glue Gun (bring out the big guns!)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Ruler


Step 1: Take out your ruler and get to measuring out your Keep Cup. However tall your cup is, you want to measure that length minus about an inch or two from the top.


Step 2: Take your marker and mark on your faux fur a line representing how tall the cup cozy will go. Next, you want to measure the fabric how much it’s going to take to go around your cup.

Tip: You might want to make the bottom a little smaller than the top if your cup’s tapered.


Step 3: Now, cut that cute little rectangle out from your faux fur. You’re almost there to having the coolest travel mug around! (Won’t all your friends be jealous?)


Step 4: Is it getting hot in here? Oh, it’s just our glue gun getting ready to make some DIY magic happen! Get your glue gun to the right temperature, and then fold over the edges and glue around so they look nice from the outside


Step 5: Almost there! Lastly, glue the two outside ends together so our fabric can wrap around your cup. Make sure its not too big or small to fit your Keep Cup!


There you have it, now go out and conquer the world with your flaming awesome Keep Cup Cozy. Because every morning should have a little sunshine in it 😉



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  • Danni Keeper

    Such a good idea, my cup definitely needs some pimping.