How Two: Hama Heart Choker

We love anything oversized and colourful (duh) and these cute Hama bead necklaces are our fave accessory for this festival season.. Not to mention getting the gals over for a crafternoon is a super fun way to spend your Sunday – throw in some junk food and you’ve got yourselves a party. Did somebody say matching Hama heart necklaces?

Why We Love It: Because oversized jewellery is in, and this is an easy way to get the look but save the dough.

Expert Tip: Be careful when using your iron – J burnt her hand big time. OUCHIES!



You Will Need:

  • Any iron on beads and a pegboard. You can find these at most craft stores, or get them online here.
  • A string for your necklace
  • An iron
  • Baking paper


IMGP1283 copy


Step 1: Choose your pattern and add the beads to your pegboard.



We Love: Making different patterns with our fave colours.

IMGP1295 edit


Step 2: Cut a square of baking paper and place it on top of the beads before you begin to iron them.


Step 3: Take your hot iron from side to side until the beads begin to melt together. The shape will start to stick to the baking paper once it’s ready.

Warning: You want them to lightly melt together so be careful not to iron them for too long.. The back of the heart below is perfect, whereas the circle is waaay overcooked… whoops!

IMGP1300 edit2


Step 4: Thread a string through the whole of one of the beads at the top of your shape to complete your necklace. If your wholes have melted together, stick a pin through to make way for your string.

IMGP1306 edit


Tip: You can turn your beads into OTT earrings or a statement broach too!


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  • Sasha Darn

    I’m definitely going to do this for next summer!

  • Sasha Darn

    I just snapchatted you guys:):)

  • Marina Espinosa

    cute idea!

  • Mills Green

    I love Hama beads!

  • anna

    these look so cool!! i need to find my old hama beads and give this a try! xx anna