Our Fave Temporary Tats

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of completely obsessed with all things shiny, metallic and/or glittery. After experimenting with DIY glitter tattoos for our book, we realised there’s a whole world of temporary tattoos out there that we haven’t been hitting up. Here are six sets of metallic tats that are at the top of our must-have list for this festival season.

1.Totally cray for these faux-stone jewellery tats. Buy them here.
on-rocks-2-skin-1 (1)


2. Love these silver and gold bracelets. Get yours here.

keep-simple-4-skin-1 (1)


3. We’re game to rock some forehead bling if you are! Buy it here.

hollywood-glamour-4-skin-2 (1)


4. You had us at glow in the dark! Get suuuum here.

be-bright-0-skin-5 (1)


5. Oooo cute puppies?! We like puppies!! Buy these here.

met-on-track-skin-1 (1)


6. Diamonds tats are a girls best friend, right? Get this here.

met-hidden-gem-skin-1 (1)

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